Sensory Garden

We are very excited to say that we have raised the much needed funds for our sensory garden!!!


By Christmas 2022 (yes, you heard that right!), we should have cleared, levelled and astro-turfed the area - plus reinforced the sleeper beds that are already in there. Thanks to Moe's Mowing for doing this for us!


We are busy beavering away thinking up ideas for sensory items to place in the garden once stage 1 has been completed. 


Special thanks to:

-Cllr Steve Robinson for backing us to receive funds from the Build Back Better Scheme.

-Kings Stanley and Selsely Trust for providing us with vital funds.

-Stonehouse Community Bingo for fundraising a substantial amount.

-Stroud Council for allowing s to benefit from the Small Grants Fund. 

-Not to mention, all the wonderful members of the public who have supported us through our fundraising efforts.



We'll keep you updated!

Here are some Before photos: