We are pleased to advise that we have successfully recruited candidates  for the upcoming school year (2024-2025).


We have six new candidates hoping to run for the committee - a new Chair, Secretary and four new General Members plan to join our remaining Treasurer and remaining three General Members. These new members will be voted in at our upcoming Annual General Meeting in May (Date TBC - all parents and members of the public will be invited). This does leave two general member openings if anyone if anyone else is keen and hasn’t let us know yet! 


Our Annual General Meeting is due to be held in May 2024 - Date TBC.


As their children leave to join Primary School in September, there are a number of current members taking the natural step to leave the Committee.


To aid in the smooth-running of Playgroup, the current Chair and Secretary are also choosing to step down from their positions for their final year serving King’s Stanley Playgroup’s Committee. The idea being, that they will remain present as general members and thus be around to pass on knowledge and provide support to the new Chair and Secretary where needed.


For the upcoming year, we do meet the minimum requirement for general members, however we still have room for more (and more is really helpful!). Please find below a list of roles that are required:


·        Chair (We must have a volunteer for this position in order for Playgroup to remain open)

·        Secretary (We must have a volunteer for this position in order for Playgroup to remain open)

·        5 more General Members (Wonderful to have, but not a necessity)





Here's the lowdown:

We follow a constitution which states various legalities,  including how our committee should be comprised.


In order for Playgroup to remain running, we must have in place, a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and at least two more general members (and no more than nine general members). 40% of all members must be current parents and no one person may remain on the committee for longer than nine years. 



Our Annual General Meeting AGM:

Our AGM was held in May this year. It has previously always been held in July, however, this has always been an immediate handover. By holding the AGM in May, our resigning members will still remain active until July and we hope to fully support new members to achieve a smooth transition. 


All new members must be elected at the AGM. 



So, what do we do?

As a committee, we all hold relevant DBS certificates and must sign our constitution. We do love to fundraise, however, we are not solely a fundraising team. We are classed as trustees of the charity and work closely with Vicki and the staff to ensure Kings Stanley Playgroup is the best it can possibly be. Please download the below form to find out what our job roles entail - as detailed by PATA, our governing body. 


Of course, we really do like to fundraise as well! As a charity run, community playgroup, we manage to keep our costs low by fundraising. Our sensory garden that is nearing completion has cost approximately £8000 and is the result of many hours of hard work applying for grants and fundraising over the last two years... But wasn't it worth it?! How amazing is it, that all the children, both current and future, get to enjoy and benefit from a wonderful sensory garden and we get to leave that legacy behind?


We are a wonderful and friendly team. We meet when needed, sometimes it's monthly or bi-monthly but we must meet at least three times a year, as per our constitution. We either meet face to face (with snacks) or over Microsoft Teams (also with snacks) in an evening, around 7.30pm/8pm. Lots of us work and have younger children, so we're all really very flexible about timings. Not all committee members need to be present at all meetings, but for a meeting to go ahead, we must have at least two officers (Chair/Secretary/Treasurer) and 50% of all members present. 




We hope we've given you a bit of an insight into what we do here on Kings Stanley Playgroup's Committee. Please do get in contact if you have any questions for us.





King's Stanley Playgroup Committee

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