Take a look at some of the exciting things we have been up to at KSPG

Week 5 - Red Riding Hood

This week we have enjoyed creating woodland pictures, using natural materials.

 We have spent time exploring our new sand and water trays.

For 30 days wild this week we have  Mon – led down in the sensory garden to do some cloud spotting, Tue – made a nature crown, Wed – painted a butterfly, Thur – made a butterfly feeding station, Fri – went bird watching.

What a busy week!

Week 4 - The Little Red Hen

We made bread rolls, just like the Little Red Hen - BUT we did help each other!

This week for 30 days wild we have – Mon – went on a scavenger hunt, Tue – Took part in outside PE, Wed – created a bug station, Thur – Made a pair of binoculars, Fri – Moved like mini beasts

Week 3 - Jack and the Beanstalk

We have enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrains and rhymes in the story. Planting a bean  and used our hands to create a beanstalk with the paint. We have enjoyed making marks in gloop and creating fossils by pressing insects into playdough, then asking our friends if they can fit the insects to the correct indentation. We have had lots of fun outside, exploring the construction area, mark making, creating in the mud kitchen and enjoying the sensory garden. For 30 days wild this week we have – Mon - explored animal footprints, Tue - went on a letter nature hunt (identifying the initial letter of items we found in nature), Wed – Celebrated World Oceans Day by drawing an Ocean creature, Thurs – joined in nature yoga, Fri – looked for something yellow in nature

Week 2 - Goldilocks

We have enjoyed our topic of Goldilocks, using oats in our sensory play and in our painting (to give a different texture). We made Flapjacks for our Dad’s (although we're not sure how many Dad's got to taste it!) and completed our 1st week of 30 days wild with the Wildlife Trust. For this we have – Mon - Gone on a sensory hunt, Tue - Looked for Butterflies, Wed - Took a selfie with a tree, Thur - Went on a slug and snail hunt and Fri -celebrated World environment day. 


Week 1 - The 3 Little Pigs

This week we enjoyed going on a '3 Little Pigs' hunt both inside and outside.

We enjoyed lots of outside play and we planted our milk bottle hanging baskets - they look so lovely hanging on our fence.

This week we we are completing the NSPCC Childhood Mile Challenge - this has involved completing a different activity each day. On Monday we we went on a ‘3 Little pigs’ hunt, Tuesday we completed a Follow the leader number walk, Wednesday we used an activity spinner to tell us what we needed to do – walk, hop, dance, run etc, Thursday we coloured and cut out our own dog, took it for a walk and completed a ‘Crufts’ challenge and on Friday we Danced to our favourite song. Well done everyone

Plus our Pre-school children have started practicing for their Sports Day - wow, what a busy week.

Summer 2 - Traditional Tales

Week 7 - Monkey Puzzle

This week the children have enjoyed our story of Monkey Puzzle. We have created a handprint monkey, which the children really enjoyed – probably due to painting their hands! We have engaged in jungle themed role play and small world play. We have had lots of fun outside and particularly enjoyed a game of skittles – great for their maths development as well. On Tuesday we took the pre-school children over to the Muga for a shape walk – they found loads of shapes – great looking (and listening). On the way back we each picked 1 buttercup and the children used these to create their abstract picture…some also enjoyed seeing if their friend liked butter by holding their buttercup under their friends chin!

Our shape walk

We found lots of shapes on our shape walk....Arch (rainbow shape), squares, circles and rectangles.


Week 6 - The Snail and the Whale

This week we have enjoyed....

Exploring land and sea creatures through a sensory resource.

Did some Happy Breathing in our sensory garden.

Made some bread, which we shaped into a snail.

Week 5 - The Gruffalo

What a busy week we've had.

In PE this week we went on a Gruffalo hunt then had a go at being the Gruffalo.

We made some shape bird feeders to hang in our gardens at home.

We are LOVING our new woodwork bench - I wonder what we will make.

We moved the 'Elsa' castle outside with the Barbies and have seen and heard some wonderful imaginative play.

Week 4 - The Smartest Giant in Town

This week we have enjoyed.....

Setting up and exploring a small world town

Had a go at painting our own house.....although that quickly changed to creating hand prints....children really enjoy the sensory aspect of wet paint on their hands!

Worked as a team to create a GIANT collage 

Week 3 - Superworm

This week we have...

Explored a minibeast sensory activity.

Used magnifying glasses to help us look for minibeasts outside.

We made our own superworm by threading beads onto a pipe cleaner then added some string, so we could take our new pet for a walk!

Enjoyed a Superworm snack... 'Squelchy mud' (chocolate mousse), 'crumbly soil' (chocolate crunch), and superworm (curly wurly piece) - Thank you to one of our family for this great idea, the children enjoyed this for snack!

We have also enjoyed lots of outside play and are loving our new painting easel.

Week 2 - Room on a Broom

This week we have had great fun creating our own potions, cutting and adding a variety of herbs to our caldrons.

We also dressed up all week as witches and wizards.

Week 1 - A Squash and a Squeeze

This week we have explored a sensory farm yard, created shapes with the play dough, and built towers to compare size difference. We used the magnetic shapes to design and build a variety of houses, and explored force with these and the other magnetic resources. 

We have spent time in our new outside construction site and enjoyed making chocolate cake in the mud kitchen.

Summer 1 - Julia Donaldson

Week 5 - African animals / Easter

This week we have been learning about African animals - can you guess which animal we are being during our PE lesson?

We have made Easter cards and Nest cakes.

All the children took part in a sponsored Bunny Hop to raise funds to purchase an outside painting easel - well done everyone.

And we have completed our Construction site re-development.


Week 4 - Mini Beasts

This week we have been learning about Mini Beasts.

We used string to create worm pictures and we made a butterfly and caterpillar peg puppet. We had a go at creating a butterfly through symmetrical  painting. We even had a wormery and used the magnifying glasses to help us try to find the worms.....

We continued to clear our construction area....nearly finished!

Plus.....look how many leaves are on our kindness tree.


Week 3 - Woodland animals / World Book Day / Mother's Day.

This week we have enjoyed and made the most of the sunshine. We had a go at making shadow animals, spent lots of time outside exploring the resources. We also started clearing our constructing site.

We dressed up all week for world book day, we had characters from Mary Poppins to the Gruffalo - well done everyone.

We also made a card for Mother's Day and planted a Gladioli as a gift. 


Week 2 - Dinosaurs

This week we have enjoyed our topic of Dinosaurs

In PE we danced to 'Dinosaur stomp' by Koo Koo, used the dinosaur to create prints with paint, we had a go at completing dot-to-dot dinosaurs and enjoyed the dinosaur small world area.

We developed our scissor skill by using scissors to cut jelly and completed dinosaur puzzles.

After all the rain this week we really enjoyed jumping in the puddles!

Week 1 - Humans

Take a look at the wonderful things our children can do

Spring 2 - Whose footprints?