Take a look at some of the exciting things we have been up to at KSPG

Pre-school Graduation party.

The children enjoyed a visit from Wild Reptiles, where we met a Bearded Dragon, a Scorpion which glowed under ultraviolet light, a Bull Frog, we also felt some snake skin before meeting a real snake and lastly a Tarantula.

We then enjoyed some Party food before having our Graduation ceremony in front of our parents and other close family members.

Summer 2 - Week 6

We went on a visit to Kings Stanley school, where we enjoyed exploring and engaging with small world play, drawing, puzzles, the parachute, walking along the number line, comparing our heights, going on the pirate ship and listening to a story in the class room.

Witches and Wizards

This week we have enjoyed making potions - using Jelly and herbs, gloop, ice, and other ingredients.

We have made edible witches hats using ice cream cones, chocolate and sweets.....it was a bit messy, but we enjoyed licking the chocolate off our fingers!!!

Summer 2 - Week 5

Magical Creatures - this week we have...

Created magical dances, made unicorn wind chimes, created a den in the construction area for any magical creatures, made and explored magical slime, made our own unicorn cloud dough, we even had a go at writing the first letter of our name in it, can you tell who drew the letters?

One child chose to extend her learning by creating another story - this time the story was about a dinosaur and a Unicorn - brilliant.

Story making....

During our week of Pirates and Mermaids, some of the children created their own story.

We are so proud of the children have a look at the stories below and you will see why.

Summer 2 - Week 4

Space and Aliens

Summer 2 - Week 3

Pirates and Mermaids

Summer 2 - week 2 - Castles

Cooking - to link in with our topic of castles, this week we have made dragon feet biscuits and Knights Shield pizzas - Yummy!

Summer 2 - week 1 - Superhero's 

We have enjoyed dressing up as superhero's this week. We have also made a lolly stick superhero, used chalk to draw around our bodies which we then decorated as our favourite superhero and made play dough superhero's.

We practiced our scissor skills by decorating a superhero mask then cutting it out.

We have been real life Gardening superhero's, by looking after our broad beans to help them grow.

To link in with our topic of Café this week, the pre-school children visited SALT Bakehouse where they each brought a croissant to have at snack time.....Yummy!

We would like to say a very BIG thank you to SALT Bakehouse for supporting us with this.

Our Café - 

We have enjoyed role play in our café, using the menus, taking orders and cooking.

We have made cotton wool cup cakes.

And, we made our own snack of "toasted sandwiches...YUM!"

Soooooo much fun this week, using the ride on toys, water play, slide, roundabout, sand pit / construction site, stepping stones, trampoline plus so much more.

We enjoyed pouring our own water to use in the mud kitchen...making lots of mud pies. 

Plus taking care of our plants in the raised beds and our hanging baskets.

We went on a Bear Hunt....and then played 'Poo sticks'

Lovely weather  = lots of time and fun in our Sensory garden

To link in with our topic 'Shops' the pre-school children walked to the Co-op. As we walked to the shops, we saw lots of Red, White and Blue flags around the village, ready for the Kings Coronation. We heard dogs, cars, the wind blowing the leaves on the trees and a helicopter.

We looked around the shop and saw lots of different kinds of food, including fruit and vegetables, we saw pizza's and even packets of our favourite cereals.

We were very good, so we were each given 50p to buy a lolly to have later.

This week our topic is 'The Park' so on Tuesday the pre-school children walked over to the park and spent time exploring and playing on the equipment - we all had great fun.


We have been busy planting Lobelias in recycled milk bottles.

We know that our plants will need sun and water to help them grow.

We have placed them on the fence in the garden and can't wait to see what colour our flowers will be.

We LOVE exploring in our sensory garden

It's great to be back exploring with our friends

Planting in our Sensory Garden

To link in with our Topic of Animals this term, Millie very kindly made and decorated a dinosaur Bird House - Thank you so much.

Here we can see Mille placing this in our Sensory Garden.

Millie also enjoyed exploring our new Bottle Top Sensory Curtain.

I am special.....

We worked together to create this very special Rainbow Fish.....

Each scale shows what is 'Special' about each of the children at KSPG

Great job everyone 


Making Easter Nest cakes......yummy

Discovering Mini Beasts

This week we have been exploring Mini Beasts.

We created Mini Beasts using play dough, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Used tweezers to rescue the Mini Beasts.

Explored the sensory small world tray using binoculars and magnifying glasses.

We also took the binoculars and magnifying glasses outside where we went on a Mini Beast hunt.

We made a Mini Beast Hotel using a recycled plastic bottle, pine cones, twigs and sticks, bamboo and recycled potpourri - we are sure the Mini Beasts will enjoy this new home.

Exploring sea creatures

The sea creatures were trapped in the ice.

We used hammers to try and break the ice open to rescue the sea creatures.

We also used our warm hands to melt the ice.

The ice felt very cold

Enjoying our new trampoline

Exploring sensory play with the Jungle animals

we had some baby chickens come to visit us to link in with our Farm animal theme

Exploring the Rainbow Play Dough.

Practicing our scissor skills



We love reading story books, especially when reading our favourite story to our friends

Spring Planting

Look at our pebble garden

The children (and staff) have enjoyed decorating pebbles to create this wonderful bright garden with a difference. Each child who attends KSPG  will add their own pebble to the garden to help it grow...we can't wait 

We love spending time in our new Sensory garden.

People Who Help Us!

We have had visits from a Police Officer who talked to us about Stranger Danger. The Police Officer also let us try on her handcuffs and some police hats. 

2 Nurses have also come in to see us. We enjoyed listening to a heart beat through the stethoscope and using the bandages on each other and some dolls. We also made some glove puppets with blown up medical gloves. 

Christmas 2022

Magic Marie came to visit!

Poppies - November 2022

Ahead of Remembrance Sunday, the children all visited the war memorial to leave the poppies they had made.

The Official Pudsey Bear came to visit! - November 2022