Take a look at some of the exciting things we have been up to at KSPG

Week 3 - Hey Diddle, Diddle...

This week we have enjoyed exploring farm animals and extended our topic to explore space.

We spent time playing with a sensory farm yard, using different cereals for the fields. We made rockets and had fun making them fly to space. In PE we took part in a  Jumping Beans activity. We talked about how far away we thought the moon is and to link with this we used flowers and cube blocks to explore measure, length and height.

We also spent time with the flower and train number boards, naming and sequencing the numbered items.

Week 2 - A Sailor went to Sea

This week we have created our own sailor hat, created a sail boat to support our role play, walked the plank outside! We used shells to create patterns in the play dough, explored finger painting on foil, created ocean pictures with paint, engaged in a sensory beach play and carefully held a shell to our ears to listen to the sea.

Week 1 - Tommy Thumb

This week we spent time creating finger puppets. We talked about our families and used our fingers to help count the number of people in our family, to link in with our topic.

Some of the other things we also enjoyed - using construction resources to create structures, on our own and working together with our friends. We explored cooked spaghetti and paint - practicing our scissor skills. Used sand to make marks. Explored paint that had been covered with cling film.

This term we are learning a different nursery rhyme each week.


Spring 1 - 2024


On Tuesday 5th December we held our Christingle service at St. George's Church for our Play Group families.

The children were fantastic and a real credit and we are so proud of them all.


Week 5 - Kenya Africa (Photos to come)

Week 4 - Cairo Egypt

We created Pyramids using junk materials

We explored water play (in case Felix took a boat trip up the Nile !)

We tried Mango, Pineapple and Hummus for snack (not together though!)

Week 3 - Rome Italy

We created with Red, Green and White play dough.

We used Red, Green and White cubes to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

We made our own Pizza's for tea - yummy. 


Week 2 - Paris France

We had a go at digging a tunnel to get to France

We used construction resources to build the Eiffel Tower

And we tried Croissants, Baguette, Bonne Maman Madeleines, and Fromage for our snacks - Yummy

Week 1 - London England

In PE we made Felix fly on the parachute.

We had a go at building London Bridge in the outside construction area.

We made Big Ben with construction resources.

Autumn 2 - Felix gets lost.

Felix is a little toy rabbit who gets on the wrong plane and ends up travelling around the world trying to get home to Sophie. Each week of this term we will be visiting and learning about these different countries.