Take a look at some of the exciting things we have been up to at KSPG

Week 5 - African animals / Easter

This week we have been learning about African animals - can you guess which animal we are being during our PE lesson?

We have made Easter cards and Nest cakes.

All the children took part in a sponsored Bunny Hop to raise funds to purchase an outside painting easel - well done everyone.

And we have completed our Construction site re-development.


Week 4 - Mini Beasts

This week we have been learning about Mini Beasts.

We used string to create worm pictures and we made a butterfly and caterpillar peg puppet. We had a go at creating a butterfly through symmetrical  painting. We even had a wormery and used the magnifying glasses to help us try to find the worms.....

We continued to clear our construction area....nearly finished!

Plus.....look how many leaves are on our kindness tree.


Week 3 - Woodland animals / World Book Day / Mother's Day.

This week we have enjoyed and made the most of the sunshine. We had a go at making shadow animals, spent lots of time outside exploring the resources. We also started clearing our constructing site.

We dressed up all week for world book day, we had characters from Mary Poppins to the Gruffalo - well done everyone.

We also made a card for Mother's Day and planted a Gladioli as a gift. 


Week 2 - Dinosaurs

This week we have enjoyed our topic of Dinosaurs

In PE we danced to 'Dinosaur stomp' by Koo Koo, used the dinosaur to create prints with paint, we had a go at completing dot-to-dot dinosaurs and enjoyed the dinosaur small world area.

We developed our scissor skill by using scissors to cut jelly and completed dinosaur puzzles.

After all the rain this week we really enjoyed jumping in the puddles!

Week 1 - Humans

Take a look at the wonderful things our children can do

Spring 2 - Whose footprints?

Week 5 - Down in the Jungle....

This week our rhyme was Down in the Jungle....we used the binoculars to hunt for the jungle animals around the room. We even used our boat to take a trip down the river...watching out for the crocodiles and hippos! We enjoyed listening and joining in with jungle stories and rhymes.

We also spent time exploring our construction site, creating towers with the shapes, making long snakes with the magnetic tubes and using our senses exploring sand, shaving foam and paint and water play.

Week 4 - Old MacDonald....

This week we have enjoyed exploring a sensory farm, Painting with farm animals and having horse races.

We also had a real Hen come to visit us, which was lovely.

Week 3 - Hey Diddle, Diddle...

This week we have enjoyed exploring farm animals and extended our topic to explore space.

We spent time playing with a sensory farm yard, using different cereals for the fields. We made rockets and had fun making them fly to space. In PE we took part in a  Jumping Beans activity. We talked about how far away we thought the moon is and to link with this we used flowers and cube blocks to explore measure, length and height.

We also spent time with the flower and train number boards, naming and sequencing the numbered items.

Week 2 - A Sailor went to Sea

This week we have created our own sailor hat, created a sail boat to support our role play, walked the plank outside! We used shells to create patterns in the play dough, explored finger painting on foil, created ocean pictures with paint, engaged in a sensory beach play and carefully held a shell to our ears to listen to the sea.

Week 1 - Tommy Thumb

This week we spent time creating finger puppets. We talked about our families and used our fingers to help count the number of people in our family, to link in with our topic.

Some of the other things we also enjoyed - using construction resources to create structures, on our own and working together with our friends. We explored cooked spaghetti and paint - practicing our scissor skills. Used sand to make marks. Explored paint that had been covered with cling film.

This term we are learning a different nursery rhyme each week.


Spring 1 - 2024