Our SENDCo is: Vicki Richardson.

Vicki has a SENDCo qualification and has held this role for over 20 years. If you would like to talk to Vicki in confidence, please contact her at - kingsstanleypg@gmail.com


Deputy SENDCo

In Vicki's absence, Rachel is our Deputy SENDCo. Rachel is highly trained and very experienced and always available to help with any queries you have. 

How our setting supports young children with SEND

  • The keyworker allocated to your child will plan personalised targets for your child linking to the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • We have a trained SENDCo who has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of our Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs Policy and for coordinating provision for children with SEND.
  • We also have the support of a deputy SENDCo who  supports our work with young children with SEND and steps up in the absence of the SENDCo. 

How our setting creates learning and development opportunities for individual children with SEND:


Through careful planning, the SENDCo works closely with the keyworker to differentiate the activities and resources, and strategies are put in place to support and enable the child to participate in the activities and experiences at their level of learning and development. For children with SEND this may take the form of visual strategies, Now and Then board, Talking photo album, specialist materials held in the setting or from our SENDCo.


How our setting works in partnership with parents/carers.

  • Pre-visits are arranged to enable the parents/carers to view the setting whilst it is in operation. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions and familiarise themselves with our practice.
  • Visits to other settings the child attends are also arranged for the SENDCo and keyworker, to ensure continuity of practice.
  • A home to KSPG book between parents and keyworker to record daily how the child is progressing within playgroup, home, and any other settings, is set up to enable a free-flow of information.

How our setting supports the well being of young children with SEND:

  • Risk assessments are regularly carried out. However, if a child has been diagnosed as SEND we carry out a risk assessment with the parent and keyworker identifying any concerns or risks particular to their child and draw up an action plan to deal with these.
  • We have a positive approach to supporting behaviour and are trained and able to manage a wide range of behaviour in a way which promotes the wellbeing of young children and their development.
  • We have experience of supporting children with allergies and if a child has a medical need then a protocol is set up in consultation with the parents. Staff will receive or update their training relevant to the child’s condition, e.g. epi-pen training. Staff have Safeguarding and First Aid training and a First Aider is present at every session.
  • All children are observed, and listened to, thereby ensuring that we take their views, preferences and ideas into account.
  • All staff have completed Gloucestershire Total Communication in the Early Years training.


Our accessible environment:


Our setting is all at ground level, apart from one step at the main door and rear door, there is a portable ramp to assist with wheelchair access at the main entrance. Our outside areas, both grass and paved, are on one level. There is car parking to the front of the building with an allocated space for disabled drivers and/or parents with SEND children. A toilet adapted for disabled users, and changing facilities, are also readily available.

We have experience of supporting children with English as a second language. In the past we have used flash cards, dual language books and resources from our SENDCo. Our information can be translated to a wide range of languages as required.


How our setting prepares and supports young children with SEND when joining the setting and when transferring to another setting or school:

  • Before a child joins the setting a pre-visit is arranged to enable the parents/carers to inform us of the child’s prior learning and to inform us of the child’s current level of attainment based on the Early Years Foundation Stage profile.
  • We discuss your child’s needs with you to highlight any extra resources or support that may be needed in the setting.
  • We have good links with the local primary schools and, to ensure a smooth transition into school, and with the parents’ permission, we invite the proposed class teacher, SENDCo, and classroom assistants to attend at the setting to observe the child.
  • The child/ren visit the school for ‘taster’ sessions following the intake procedure for the relevant school.
  • Developmental records are shared according to our policy.

How our setting organises its resources to meet the needs of young children with SEND:


We have a good ratio of staff to children and they are deployed in all areas of the setting thereby ensuring that targeted supported can be provided if necessary. Our timetables are flexible and work, in the main, around the children. The indoor and outdoor environment is set up daily and can be moved and altered as required and resources are age and stage appropriate for the children in our care. If specialist equipment is required, we work with parents to access it.


How we decide on appropriate support for young children with SEND:

We follow the principles of Early Support and decide on appropriate support for children with SEND based on a continuous cycle of ‘assess, plan, do and review’.

Parents contribute their insights to the assessment and planning and work with us towards the intended outcomes.


Results are shared with the parents and reviewed with them at agreed times.

With parental consent, we seek expertise at whatever point it is needed.

Through ongoing discussions we ensure that parents are informed at all stages of the assessment, planning, provision and review of their children’s education.



Who to contact for further information:

For concerns regarding SEND, you can contact Vicki  directly and confidentially at